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Joel Ross is principal of Citadel Realty Advisors, successor to Ross Properties, the investment banking and real estate financing firm he launched in 1981.


The Slowdown Goes On

As the weeks move on, occupancy continues to be negative as it has for most of the year. Recent numbers show a decline of 1.5%, and revenue per available room continues well below the levels projected

The Coming Bubble Could be Ugly

While revenue per available room exceeded what I predicted in 2012, it was primarily because some of what lies ahead is slower to arrive than I had thought.

Lending - with careful underwriting - is back

While there has been a new start to CMBS lending and hotel lending in general, do not get lulled into believing it is all sunny and you can easily refinance at 5% or less.

6 reasons why ADR might be slow to rise

I have made a major issue of what metrics should be looked at by hotel industry prognosticators, and the need to look at a wide variety of things all over the world to really try to get a good sense of where we are headed.