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Jefrey Walter is a dynamic optimist and leader focusing on delivering the best operational performance to maximize revenue and retain guests.


How to Reduce Food Wastage & Maximize your Business Profits?

In order to increase your profit, waste management plays a major role in any food and beverage business. There are a plethora of ways in which controlling wastage leads to prosperity. Even though many

How can you Prepare your Restaurant to overcome Future Crisis & Remain Resilient?

An indispensable solution is "BE PREPARED". We have seen a crisis such as the COVID- 19 like never before, which will help us understand the importance of preparation and to act in accordance. The Hospitality

Top 7 Menu Engineering Techniques to boost your F&B Revenue & Profit

It's really incredible how smart strategies could boost your Food and Beverage revenue. People tend to overthink some of those strategies and eventually end up in different scenarios. This article will

The 7 Principles Of Food And Beverage Yield Management To Reach Profitability

It is very common that hoteliers and food & beverage professionals tend to generate revenue eventually. However, there is an underlying procedure to generate profit from the revenue obtained. This fact

Revenue Optimization for a Restaurant to be Financially & Economically Successful!

Eventually, a business tends to generate revenue and profit focusing on quality and food calculations. As far as I have analyzed, even a food wastage of even $3 per day for a single ingredient would cost