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Doug Kennedy is President of the Kennedy Training Network, Inc. a leading provider of hotel sales, guest service, reservations, and front desk training programs and telephone mystery shopping services for the lodging and hospitality industry.


Train Your Hotel Reservations On What To Say When Their Phones Start Ringing Again

Here in May, most hotel reservations teams have seen call volume slow to a trickle and have entered the next phase of this crisis: an eerie period of quiet time. So, what comes next? The most important

Hotel Sales Teams: Use Downtime To Up Your Game At Using Screen Share, Video Email, Webcam Sales

Based on the conversations I'm having this week with our KTN clients, it seems that hotel sales teams are finding that there's a lull in activity right now. The flood of calls and emails regarding cancellations

Hotel Sales Teams: Two Sales Tasks You Can Do This Week To Get Ready For The Rebound

For most hotels in North America, the sales team is entering week three of the Covid19 disruption. The first week or so was just crazy, as salespeople from all market segments endured a frantic wave of

Now Is A Good Time For Hospitality For Our Frontline Team Members

Now is the time for managers who are still working (or who can carve out the time even if they are on furlough) to show their frontline hospitality team members just how much they are valued personally

Let’s Celebrate Our Heroes Of Hospitality Who Come Through In Crisis

"It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality." - Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels Although many hotels are closed and others reducing

Train Your Reservations And Sales Team To Show Compassion For Cancellations

As a hotel sales trainer, it seems very odd to be writing a train-the-trainer article about how to manage cancellations, yet this is absolutely necessary as the lodging industry has been turned upside

Coronavirus: Train Your Front Desk & Reservations Team To Respond To Guest Comments & Questions

"What should we say when guests mention coronavirus?" This question comes in various contexts, but it's the most challenging when guests are calling about booking, or when they are calling to ask about

Six Habitudes Of Hotel Sales Success™

As my workshop participants and frequent readers know, I often talk about the new era of "Silent Selling," where most correspondence is happening via email, app message or text. My recent train-the-the

How To Help Your Front Desk Colleagues Overcome “Compassion Fatigue”

As part of the prework I do before conducting on-site training workshops for front desk teams, I always look at the existing, in-house training standards and content. Nearly all programs cover the concepts

Standing Out In This Era of “Silent Selling”: Six Ways Hotel Salespeople Can Use Video Email To Engage Prospects

Nowadays, most leads are arriving via various "silent" channels. These include direct website RFP's, leads forwarded from regional brand offices, app notifications coming in from lead generation platforms