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David Lund is The Hotel Financial Coach, an international hospitality financial leadership expert. He has held positions as a Regional Financial Controller, Corporate Director and Hotel Manager with an international brand for over 30 years.


Hospitality Financial Leadership - Chapter One: Envy

The Stow has always been a great hotel. Sitting high on the hill overlooking the river its bones and lines are completely classic. The 505 rooms all have a view of something great. For decades, the hotel

Hospitality Financial Leadership - How to Use 21-point Flow Thru Inspection

Just like your auto mechanic checks your car's health you can completely review your hotel's financial performance and get a clear reading on as many as 21 different flow thru performance points. Further

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Global Food Cost vs Tracking Individual Outlet – Pros and Cons

What is really important to realize is the food cost calculation in your hotel will always come back to the cost of goods formula. Any attempt to track and individualize the outlet food cost that I have

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Creating and Using Staffing Guides

In our business, it is no secret that labor is our single biggest expense. Last year the average hotel in North America, according to data collected from thousands of medium- and full-service hotels by

Employee Benefits Reporting on Your P&L

When it comes to payroll we are not just paying the cash wages. We have additional dollars that are substantial in the form of supplemental costs and employee benefits.So, what we want to have are three

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Top 10 Hotel Budget Review Tips

When you are reviewing a hotel budget you want to ask the right questions—the ones that will yield the biggest treasure.You see, the game of budgets in most hotel companies where the corporate or regional

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Service Takes Many Different Forms in Hospitality

"If Service is Beneath You - Then Leadership is Beyond You." I cannot find an owner on Google for this statement, so I am going to claim it as mine. If someone already coined this phrase I will let it

Subsidizing Your Company, Association Meeting Costs

In my recent travels working with clients and delivering keynotes as well as financial leadership workshops for management teams and hotel associations, I noticed an interesting way that more than one

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Creating a Financially Engaged Team: What to Avoid

Creating a financially engaged leadership team takes time, commitment, respect for fair play, resources and a sense of adventure.When creating something new, for me there was always an element of the unknown

Hospitality Financial Leadership - How to Prepare a Financial Budget

Tis the season and most hotels are already well under way with their annual grunt work to prepare a 2020 plan for the regional and corporate teams to review and then it is onward to ownership seeking their