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David Lund is The Hotel Financial Coach, an international hospitality financial leadership expert. He has held positions as a Regional Financial Controller, Corporate Director and Hotel Manager with an international brand for over 30 years.


Hospitality Financial Leadership - Top 10 Hotel Budget Review Tips

When you are reviewing a hotel budget you want to ask the right questions—the ones that will yield the biggest treasure.You see, the game of budgets in most hotel companies where the corporate or regional

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Service Takes Many Different Forms in Hospitality

"If Service is Beneath You - Then Leadership is Beyond You." I cannot find an owner on Google for this statement, so I am going to claim it as mine. If someone already coined this phrase I will let it

Subsidizing Your Company, Association Meeting Costs

In my recent travels working with clients and delivering keynotes as well as financial leadership workshops for management teams and hotel associations, I noticed an interesting way that more than one

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Creating a Financially Engaged Team: What to Avoid

Creating a financially engaged leadership team takes time, commitment, respect for fair play, resources and a sense of adventure.When creating something new, for me there was always an element of the unknown

Hospitality Financial Leadership - How to Prepare a Financial Budget

Tis the season and most hotels are already well under way with their annual grunt work to prepare a 2020 plan for the regional and corporate teams to review and then it is onward to ownership seeking their

Hospitality Financial Leadership - The Basic Principles

Accounting was a trade that had a global language much like carpentry or plumbing. There were universal rules that applied and these principles were exactly the same in the hotel business. That was good

Why Financial Acumen is So Important to Your Hospitality Career

There exists a counter-culture to growing up, to raising one's self out of the guest- and colleague-only world into the financial arena. I know and have met many people who camp out in hospitality for

What is “Hospitality Financial Leadership Anyway?”

This is a question I have been asked many times. Exactly what is financial leadership and why hospitality? Finding the three words together "HFL" in a sentence three years ago was not possible. I know

Zero Based Expenses – How to Plan and Manage

I help hotels manage their profits more efficiently and in the hospitality world, there are only two main cost types that need a system and a strategy to properly control them. The two culprits are payroll

Lies Financial Leaders Tell Themselves; The Lie: My Balance Sheet Accounts Can Go a Month Without Being Completely Reconciled

It is the worst lie financial leaders can tell themselves. Nothing is more important than the health of your books. If your books are not caught up and if your account reconciliations are not clean and