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David Eisen is Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats, a monthly profit-and-loss data benchmarking service.


Amid Brexit Fatigue, Hoteliers Converge in Manchester to Talk UK Market

It's wild times in the UK. At least that's the perception of this here Yankee. Regardless of politics, ever since Jan. 20, 2017, the U.S. has been on a rambunctious ride of its own, and now, with the appointment

Can Third-Party Managers Be the Answer to the Middle East’s Performance Sag?

The third-party hotel management agreement or HMA is decades old, yet still not fully embraced by the global hotel industry. But as industry fundamentals in regions like the Middle East sputter, impeding

In Europe, Driving F&B Margins a Game of Inches

No more. Traveler expectations today are different from those of yesteryear—they demand a higher level of amenities and service from select-service and full-service hotels alike. This has forced hoteliers

The Raptors Won the NBA Title, But What City Won the GOPPAR Crown?

Sporting events typically serve as huge hotel demand generators for a city. And when the games are really meaningful—such as a playoff round or championship final—they become even hotter tickets, which

In the Poker Game of Hotels, Resort Fees are the Rake

Nothing irks people more than paying for something they don't need or use. I once paid $50 for a pair of pants I never ended up wearing—but that's on me. I'm to blame. It's another thing altogether when

How the UEFA Champions League Final Impacted Madrid Hotel Profits

Hosting a premier sporting event isn't just a mark of stature—it can be a boon for the city's hotel industry. From the Super Bowl and the World Series in the U.S., to the World Rugby Sevens Series held

Hotel News: At NYU Conference, It’s The Same Song, Just A Different Chord

If you're like me, then you live for the next hospitality industry conference. Am I right? A chance to catch up with friends, pontificate on the health of the space, pound coffee with reckless abandon,

How to Maximize Hotel Revenue in 3 Easy Steps

The data are clear: Rooms revenue is waning, and not growing at the same pace as in years prior. That's why hoteliers have to be smart and savvy about how to maximize revenues in this type of trading environment

What Is TRevPAR (Definition and Why It Matters)?

In a previous blog post, I took aim at RevPAR. My pursuit: to puncture the long-held notion that it's the most exemplary data point to consult within the hospitality industry. And, according to one comment

Hotel Benchmarking Reports: The Value of Monthly Data

Sometimes, the best way to begin a blog is by borrowing a quote. It's admittedly a conceit that helps contextualize your subsequent thoughts—an artistic device, like a voiceover in a movie. So that's what