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David Eisen is Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats, a monthly profit-and-loss data benchmarking service.


How the UEFA Champions League Final Impacted Madrid Hotel Profits

Hosting a premier sporting event isn't just a mark of stature—it can be a boon for the city's hotel industry. From the Super Bowl and the World Series in the U.S., to the World Rugby Sevens Series

Hotel News: At NYU Conference, It’s The Same Song, Just A Different Chord

If you're like me, then you live for the next hospitality industry conference. Am I right? A chance to catch up with friends, pontificate on the health of the space, pound coffee with reckless abandon

How to Maximize Hotel Revenue in 3 Easy Steps

The data are clear: Rooms revenue is waning, and not growing at the same pace as in years prior. That's why hoteliers have to be smart and savvy about how to maximize revenues in this type of trading

What Is TRevPAR (Definition and Why It Matters)?

In a previous blog post, I took aim at RevPAR. My pursuit: to puncture the long-held notion that it's the most exemplary data point to consult within the hospitality industry. And, according to one

Hotel Benchmarking Reports: The Value of Monthly Data

Sometimes, the best way to begin a blog is by borrowing a quote. It's admittedly a conceit that helps contextualize your subsequent thoughts—an artistic device, like a voiceover in a movie. So

Making Food and Beverage a Focal Point in the Hotel Industry

And while approaches to F&B have changed over time, F&B within the hotel space had historically been a loss leader, an afterthought, with the bulk of revenue derived from rooms. Success

RevPAR Is Only One Piece of the Picture

Imagine you're scouting a young baseball player or footballer—someone experts have pegged as the next Derek Jeter or Lionel Messi. You can't, however, just take their word for it; you have to see