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Chekitan S. Dev, PhD, is professor of marketing at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration in the SC Johnson College of Business, where he has received multiple awards for teaching excellence.


How Hospitality Can Get Back To Business

A few months ago, travel forecasts were optimistic, growing, carefree. Consider the following developments: New brands were being introduced at a never before seen pace (e.g., Hilton's Tru and MOTTO, IHG's

Cornell Research Recap: The relationship satisfaction factor in successful brand-hotel partnerships

The more a hotel is required to make investments in brand standards, the more likely it is to engage in self-interested opportunism to recover investment costs and assert its independence, a new study

Help Save The Planet By Eliminating Hotel Bathroom Toiletries

What's the problem? Hotel bathroom toiletries are like 12 noon check in check out: an archaic practice that persists only because no one has thought to change it. When hotels first began to offer bathroom

Do Dual-Branded Hotels Outperform Single-Branded Hotels?

Dual branding of hotels has become a growing industry practice. Beyond the potential marketing benefits of the dual-branding strategy, this paper tests whether dual-branded hotels operate more efficiently

As hotels and hotel brands look to compete in an increasingly congested brandscape, the rush to adopt new digital technologies to stand apart from the competition has resulted in many rushing headlong into adopting technology, sometimes with negative consequences.

Future winners and losers in hospitality will be determined based on how much they embrace digital to transform every aspect of their brand to create new, personalized, carefully curated and meaningfully differentiated emotional experiences for guests, write Landor’s Lulu Raghavan and Cornell’s Chekitan S.