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Casey Munck is Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at Cendyn, where she oversees the Americas market.


Hotel-Casinos: Get Ready for Re-Opening

Preparing for re-opening: things to consider Several hotel-casinos across the states in the US are re-opening this week, offering a glimpse of how the industry will recover amid social distancing. As your

Survey Results: How Hotels Are Coping With COVID-19

The results are in from two Cendyn surveys polling hoteliers across the globe on how they are coping with the effects of COVID-19. Gauge the industry pulse and read first-hand accounts of how hoteliers

Designing a hotel loyalty program: Part 2

Hotel loyalty programs can be so much more than points and an occasional free room to VIPs. But even that requires forethought. To start, you have to think about the loyalty ecosystem from an architectural

Designing a hotel loyalty program: Part 1

To create truly powerful loyalty programs, hotels need to map it out. Whether you're thinking about deploying a new loyalty program or revamping the one you've got, here are the most important categories

Technology has dramatically shifted the way hotels engage with customers, says Cendyn’s Casey Munck.

How Harbor House Inn sailed to No. 1 on TripAdvisor & cut OTA commissions by 35%

Before Guestfolio CRM, the independent hotel didn't have the right tools to communicate with guests or publicize positive comments. The hotel relied on the OTAs for awareness in the market and commission

Hit the OTAs with a rebound: 5 direct booking strategies for hotels

Maintain your (paid search) brand shareSince search engine ad space is now at the half fold, mark, consumers must scroll a half a page to see organic results. Ads take up half the page and in case you

Hotel marketing to millennials

Millennials, defined as people born between 1982 and 2000, now make up the largest living generation. And they are spending more than ever on travel, with 26% saying they spent more on vacations than in

5 ways AI is transforming hotel marketing

Artificial intelligence is enabling the hotel industry to do incredible things. From creating hyper personalized guest experiences to identifying unrecognized revenue opportunities, AI empowers innovation